Ezra 1 (February 6)


            “…the Lord stirred up the spirit…”

            Man without God is dead.  He is spiritually dead; he is without hope and without everlasting life. We owe this to our forefathers Adam and Eve.  The sin they committed, was passed on to the rest of humanity.

            Man reaches new spiritual life when his spirit is awakened by God.  The Holy Spirit touches us on the inside and convinces our spirit of sin, righteousness and the judgment that we will face (John 16:7).

            Few, very few, ever listen to the “divine voice” of the Holy Spirit and are awakened to this new life.  Others, the immense majority, prefer to continue sleeping in the arms of the evil one. (They will awake one day and find themselves in eternal damnation!)

            For many sons and daughters of God another touch or stirring from God is sometimes necessary.  I am not referring to a second salvation, or to the famous (and delayed) baptism of the Holy Spirit which some believe.

            Our spirit “takes a break” from time to time and falls asleep on us.  Sometimes it sleeps in the comfort of indifference and apathy.  Other times it visits the “hotel” of deceit, or it lies under the shade of a “tree” of weariness.”

            In some of those instances we can hear the Spirit’s voice that scream to us saying,

            “WAKE UUUUUP!!”

            But most of the time He call us with a soft whisper,

            “Stand up”

            Will you stop dreaming today and follow your God?

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