Ruth 2 (August 22)

 Good Words                                                                         

            “The Lord be with you.”

            Every time I go to church services, I can hear someone saying,

            “God bless you”

            This salutation is a common practice among Christians all across the world. I have received this greeting in churches that speak a different language and in congregations that are situated in other countries. It is important to use this expression often and sincerely, for God wants to bless us.

            Our words have the power to destroy or edify others. When we pronounce a blessing upon our brothers or sisters, it is necessary that we mean what we say. A pure heart does not produce mechanical phrases or hypocritical remarks.

            A follower of Christ must be sincere at all times. We need to speak the truth in love, and love others enough to tell them the whole truth. Next time you say, “God bless you!” to someone, think before you speak. You might even want to ask yourself the following questions:

            Do I love this person enough to wish God’s blessings upon him or her?

            Do I feel pressured to say something nice to this individual?

            Do I really mean what I’m saying?

            God will not bless hypocrisy, nor will He endorse an insincere or thoughtless “blessing.” When you are in this disposition, it would be better to remain silent than to say something you don’t mean to someone you don’t like, giving the impression that you actually care. We are called to love, to care and to speak with godly sincerity and tact.

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