Judges 12 (August 11)

                                                                 Silent Screams

            “But when I called you, you did not deliver me…”

            In the heart of countless human beings, there is an indescribable pain and a silent cry.  These small creatures are unable to communicate their awful plight audibly, because they are trapped  in a prison of darkness and isolation; these children are prisoners in their mother’s womb.

            Yes, I am referring to the thousands, or millions of human beings aborted unmercifully each year.  Their voices cry to us from their tombs, or from the wombs of criminal “mothers.”

            I can hear their silent screams as they call for help. I can almost feel their terror when their own mothers abandon and kill them. Our Christian duty is to be advocates for the defenseless and a voice for those who cry in the silence.

            Let the world continue to call them “fetuses” (which incidentally means “small child” in Latin); we are certain that they are human beings, created in God’s image and that God loves them.

            Can you hear their silent screams? Can you afford to be indifferent to their cause?  We have been called by God to promote godliness and life on this Earth.  What better way to accomplish this objective, than to defend the right of the unborn babies and to put an end to their silent screams.

            Let your voice be heard! After all, we are ambassadors of the Most High and as such, we represent the kingdom of heaven on Earth.  Whatever you do for these little ones you are doing it for the Lord!

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