Judges 11 (August 10)

                                                  The Question God Never Asks His Children

            “Are you not the very one who rejected me…?”

            Jephthah was abhorred by his own brothers.  No, he did not do anything wrong, as he was a man of integrity and courage in Israel.  He was hated by his siblings because his mother was a harlot.

            Jephthah was rejected and expelled by his people as an outcast.  Later on, however, as they were invaded by the idolatrous and cruel Ammonites; Jephthah became popular and was “loved” by everyone.

            The people of Israel begged Jephthah to return and be their leader.  When he finally returned, he received a hero’s welcome.  This “hero” was the same Jephthah, who had been rejected not long before.

            Aren’t we guilty of the same sin sometimes?

            When our skies are blue, and our lives are as peaceful as a serene lake, some of us tend to forget (or even reject) our Lord.  When we feel strong and secure, we live as if God were a non-entity and we regain control over our hearts.

            Ah, but when our world is turned upside down, we run back to the Lord and call on Him to deliver us.  God listens to our desperate prayers and extends yet another opportunity to the beneficiaries of his grace.

            Aren’t you grateful that our God is not like Jephthah? Aren’t you thankful that he never asks Jephthah’s question?  Aren’t you grateful that Jesus will never reject us, even if we have been unfaithful? 

            I am.

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