Exodus 38 (March 29)

                                                                     The Fountain of Youth

            “He made the basin of bronze…”

            The story is told of Ponce de Leon who came to Florida searching for the “Fountain of Youth.”  I do not know all the details, or if this story is even true; but one thing I know:  He did not find it.

            Christ is the one and only true Fountain of Youth.  In him we find forgiveness of sins; cleansing from wickedness and everlasting life.  When we believe on his name we are born again (John 3:3), and we are brand new creatures (II Cor.5:17).

            The world of today wants peace at all costs, even if they have to go to war.  They also lust after youth and beauty, and spend billions of dollars in cosmetics, hair dyes and plastic surgeries.  Everyone, including many men, want to look young and sexy!

            Every day we hear of a new diet that will make us thin and young, while gyms and exercise equipment proliferate throughout the land. It is good to work out and stay in shape; especially if our goal in doing so is to take care of our bodies as the temple of God. It is better, however, to take care of our souls and purify ourselves in Christ.

            If you had to choose between being a “pretty pagan” and an unattractive spiritual Christian, what would be your choice? I rather be bold, ugly, overweight, and toothless, and have Jesus in my life, than to be young and handsome, but spiritually dead and on my way to hell.

            Therefore look at yourself, not on a glass mirror, but on the mirror of God’s Word.  There you will find Jesus; the fountain of peace and life, and you will be renewed in your spirit today.

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