Exodus 36 (March 27)

                                                                           No Mas

            “…so the people were restrained from bringing…”

            One of the most famous boxing matches of all time was the fight between the “Sugar” Ray Leonard and the Roberto “Mano de Piedra” Duran.  It was a fight between champions, for the world championship, but it ended in disgrace, when Duran screamed:

            “No mas!”  He gave up, because he couldn’t take anymore punishment from Leonard, who went on to be a great boxing champ.

            The first time I read this Bible chapter, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This is the only time (that I’m aware of), when the people of God have been denied the privilege of bringing offerings to God.  Moses told the Israelites:  “No mas.”  They were commanded not to bring anymore gold, linen, purple, garments or anything else to the Tabernacle as an offering to the Lord.

            How wonderful would it be to hear our pastor telling the congregation to ease up a bit on the offerings, because there is too much money in the church bank account!

            How exciting it would be to have to hold multiple worship services, because the church is multiplying!

            What a marvel would be to have to use school buses, to be able to accommodate the hundreds of believers who are going out to do the work of evangelism!

            Perhaps all of this is just a wishful dream, but what about you?  You can decide today to be the best giver, servant and disciple your church has ever seen.  I don’t know if you’ll ever hear the words “no mas” from your pastor, but God will tell you;

            “Well done, good slave!” (Luke 19:17).

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