Exodus 23 (March 14)

                                                                  Present in His Presence

            “No one shall appear…”

            Every Christian has the moral obligation to present himself or herself before God each and every day.  In the morning, we must present our life as an offering to the Lord, just as we present our requests to God in prayer.

            “…before me…”

            Christ is the object of our faith, and the theme of our worship.  He is waiting for us to enjoy our sweet communion.  When we come to him with gratitude and humility, we are able to “enter” into his glorious presence and have fellowship with the Creator of the universe.

            Even though God is always present in, around, and over us, we are not always in his presence.  Allow me to explain:  Even though everyone is surrounded by God’s presence, only a few enter into the presence of the Almighty in true worship.  They “feel” or experience God’s presence, because they have chosen to come into his “inner sanctum” to praise him. In the Bible, we are exhorted to approach the throne of God with boldness and confidence (Hebrews 4:16).

            “…empty handed.”

            When we present ourselves to God, we must also come with our hands full of love, holiness and good works.  Our hands need to be clean from sin and filled with “fruits of righteousness.”

            When you hear Jesus calling you into his presence, just say;


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