Exodus 22 (March 13)


            “…for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.”

            One day, as I was driving through an old Miami neighborhood, I noticed a group of teenagers of bad reputation which were smoking, drinking and cursing.  I couldn’t help but to despise this “gang” of juvenile delinquents.

            Then, the Holy Spirit told me:  “This was YOU a few years ago!”

            The Christian community is as forgetful as a grumpy old man that has forgotten that he was a child once.  We tend to forget that just a few years ago, we were involved in shameful and sinful activities and that we were enemies of God.

            While it is true that as Christians we have been justified, sanctified and regenerated; that in itself is not a reason for spiritual pride.  We need to drink a healthy dose of humility each morning to maintain a balanced perspective.

            Yes, we are a chosen race, a royal “tribe”, but we must conduct ourselves, not as proud kings or priests, but as servants of God.  Not so long ago we were walking with the wrong crowd, but Jesus saved us just in time.

            Let us always remember where we came from, and how God changed our lives. We will be more focused on the Lord and less judgmental of others.  If we are humble, God will exalt us, so there is no need to be proud.

            Let us also remember that we were saved by grace and must be grateful to our Lord and graceful unto others. Were it not for that irresistible and incomprehensible grace, all of us would be on the road to hell.

            The proper balance is God first, everyone else second and ourselves last. 

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