Exodus 20 (March 11)

                                                                 The Malice of Avarice

            “You shall not covet…”

            To covet is a terrible sin.  A covetous individual is like a small child, who always wants to play with his friend’s toys; he is also like the cow that looks for “greener pastures” on the other side of the fence.

            God tells us to be content with what we already have.  If you ever need more, you can always reach out God in prayers and supplications.  Otherwise, let us never covet anything that belongs to someone else; not their house, automobile, job, bank account, yacht or their wives.

            Avarice comes from envy and jealousy; and envy is nothing but a misguided and lustful “admiration.”  When people are blindly following the dictates of avarice they are prone to theft, over-spending and adultery.

            Do not covet anything or anyone.  Do not give in to envy, for it will lead you to destruction. Those who covet what God has given to others will never be happy with anything they have. There will always be a bigger house, a more beautiful woman or a better job than the one you have, if you don’t learn the secret of contentment.

            Learn to be happy with what God has bestowed upon you and remember that you are loved by Him. If you are a Christian, you are blessed beyond measure. God is your Father; heaven is your home and life is your inheritance. What more can you ask for?

            If there is something that we should “covet” or desire, it is to love, follow, and serve God more every day.  The more that we hunger and thirst for the Lord, the less we will desire anything else.

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