Exodus 17 (March 8)

                                                                 Hit and Run

            “Strike the rock, and water will come out of it…”

            The power of God is immensurable.  He is able to create something out of nothing; he can make water to flow out of a dry rock.  God’s power and love have changed our lives forever.

            Water from a dry rock?  Have you ever heard or imagined such a thing?  This is what God did for Israel, but he has done a greater miracle on our behalf:  He made blood flow out the “Rock.”

            The rock at Horeb is a clear type or symbol of Jesus Christ.  He is the ROCK of our salvation. He was also “struck” when he went to the cross, but instead of giving life-preserving water, he poured out his own blood, his life-giving blood.

            How can this be?  How is it possible to receive life from someone else’s death?

            This is one of God’s greatest mysteries.  He sent his only Son to die vicariously on the shameful cross.  This simply means that Jesus died in our place; that he was our Substitute.

             His blood was sufficient to atone for our sins, because it was the blood of the perfect “Lamb of God.”

            That is why we can sing today;

            “There is power, power; wonder working power

             In the blood of the Lamb

            There is power, power; wonder working power

            In the precious blood of the Lamb.”

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