Exodus 11 (March 2)

                                                                 Sheep or Goat?

            “…the Lord makes a distinction…”

            The plagues of Egypt were terrible indeed!  The land, the rivers, the animals and thousands of human beings suffered greatly under the wondrous display of God’s wrath. Everyone was affected, except the children of Israel. This event echoes in a smaller scale, the destruction of most of humanity in the time of the Flood. Only Noah and his small family were saved from the baptism of death.

            But, doesn’t the Bible teach that God makes no distinction between persons?  Why then, did God punish the Egyptians and preserved the Israelites? Why did Noah survive the Flood?

            The answer is rather simple.  God loves people regardless of their nation, culture, race or age.  He has no favorites and he makes the rain to fall on everyone (Acts 14:17).

            God does however, differentiates between those who will receive judgment, and those who will be rewarded.  For example, the Bible says that there is no condemnation, for believers (Romans 8:1), and the difference is Christ.  Believing in Christ is the criteria or condition required to avoid judgment.

            One day, our God will make the final distinction, this time between the sheep (Christians) and the goats (unbelievers).  The sheep will enter into his glorious kingdom, but the goats shall go into the everlasting flames of hell.

            Aren’t you glad that Jesus made a difference in your life; and that he will make a distinction between you and the unbelieving world?

            Are you willing to make a difference for God in this life?  

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