Exodus 4 (February 23)

                                                                    The God Who Sends

            “Now go…”

            God hears, God calls, and God sends.

            In the “Great Commission” Jesus sent us to proclaim the Gospel unto all the nations of the world.  This is a commandment, if it were not; it would be called the “Great Suggestion” or something similar.

            God commands us to “go”, but before we can go, we must fill our hearts with pure love.  If we love God, then we will obey Him in whatever “mission” he has designed for us.  If we love God, we will also be imbued with His love for the lost souls of the world.  Let’s face it; only God can turn an egocentric human being into a selfless soul, willing to sacrifice his “reputation”, in order to reach others with God’s message.

            This commandment is also urgent.  God told Moses NOW go…” 

             In 2 Corinthians 6:2, Paul says “…now is the acceptable time.”  The reason behind this urgency is the uncertainty of tomorrow.  We live TODAY, and we must preach TODAY. Tomorrow may never come for us or for those that need to hear the Good News.

            God is sending us today, right now.  Do not reject this great privilege; do not be disobedient to his commandment.  You can serve God regardless of your situation.  Paul preached while in prison; Stephen preached while he was being stoned to death, and the early believers preached in spite of severe persecution.  As you can see, we have no excuse.  Moses tried to exclude himself from the ministry, but to no avail.  If God sends you (and he does), he will give you all the tools you need to finish your mission. 

            Will we go? 

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