Genesis 34 (February 3)

                                                                   From Deceit to Death

            “The sons of Jacob answered…deceitfully…”

            The sons of Jacob (now also called Israel) followed the bad example of their father.  Just as Jacob had lied to Isaac and Esau, his children now practiced deceit.  The only difference was that their lie was mixed with hatred, and this led to the brutal murder of many in the city of Shechem.

            Sin has a way of multiplying itself in subsequent generations if left unchecked, especially if children see through their parents’ hypocrisy. It is very important then, for us parents to give the best example we can to our children.

            Beware of deceitful words.  Many false prophets use them to blind and bind multitudes.  If we are not grounded in the Word, we can also be carried along by the winds of false doctrines.

            The only sure remedy against deceit is to know the truth.  To find the truth is not easy, but it can be done, if we dedicate ourselves to a daily search in the Sacred Scriptures.  The Bible is the light that illuminates our way amid the deep darkness.  The believer that studies God’s word with love and reverence will never be deceived (unless we deceive ourselves).

            Are you faithfully reading God’s word?  Let the Word be your guide, and the Holy Spirit your teacher.  He can instruct, correct and build you up, if you are submissive to his divine influence.

            Never again lend your ear to deceitful words or temptations, for they will make you fall into the enemy’s trap.  Deceit always leads to sin, and sin to death (Jas 1:14-16).

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