Genesis 8 (January 8)


            “But God remembered Noah…”

            The greatness of our God can be attributed to his majestic glory, his creative genius and his orderly rule of the universe.  His greatness can also be appreciated in his attention to detail.  The same God that controls the course of history, is the God who feeds the birds and clothes the flowers of the field (Matthew 6: 26-29).

            God remembered Noah.  Who was this Noah?  Just a little speck, an insignificant creature lost in the vastness of the universe.  But nothing or nobody escapes God’s attention.  “God remembered Noah.”  This is just an expression to denote, that in reality, God never forgets anything, except our sins.

            He never forgets us and always remembers us.  God knows our dreams and desires; our secrets and sins; our fears and our future.  He even has the exact count of the hairs in our heads (for some of us the count is becoming easier by the minute!).

            “Go out of the ark…”

            Noah came out of the ark to a “new” earth.  On the near future, we too, shall go out of this world.  The ark represents not only our salvation in Christ, but it also typifies our preservation during the earthly phase of our Christian life.  One day we will meet Jesus face to face in the “new heavens and new earth.” (Revelation 22).

            We can face the future with confidence, knowing that God is interested in every detail relevant to our lives; that he will take care of us in his providence; and that very soon he is coming to take us home with him forever.

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