Reading the Bible in Three Years

Deuteronomy 15 (June 17)

                                                                        Open Hands

            “You should rather open your hand...”

            Do you love your brothers and sisters?

            I ask this question with reference to your hands.  It could very well be that some of us love each other with the words of our lips, but not with our actions and deeds.  It is very easy to say to each other:  “God bless you my brother!” while keeping our hearts and hands closed.

            May I say something with love? We need to shut our mouths, and open our hands more!  When our brothers and sisters are in need, our duty is to pray for them and exhort them to remain faithful.  But we can do more, according to our means; we can minister to their needs.

            Perhaps you know someone who is in great need today.  You can be an answer to prayer.  This does not imply that your generosity must become foolishness, as your family will then lack their own sustenance.  What I’m referring to is to those funds that are entirely allocated for entertaining purposes that can be sacrificed in the “altar of Christian giving.”

            Why are there so many needy Christians in our congregations?

            There are several reasons.  In the first place, it could be due to their negligence to work or save money.  Secondly, it could stem from an injury that does not allow them to work, or it could just be tests that they are going through.  In third place, it could very well be the consequences of our lack of generosity.

            Open your hand today liberally to those who are in need today.

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Deuteronomy 14 (June 16)

                                                                            17 Hours

            “...the tithe of your”

            There is a big controversy about tithing.  Some say that tithes were only for the Old Testament and under the Law, while others declare that tithing is normative for today, because even Abraham practiced it (Genesis 14).

            On one thing we can all agree:  Giving is also part of Christianity.  Whether you give your tithe or not, the fact remains that as a Christian we are called to give generously and with gladness in our hearts.

            Let’s suppose for a moment, that you are a faithful steward of God’s finances.  You do not waste your money and have no major debts.  Furthermore you give sacrificially, offering more than thirty percent of your income and you do it with profound devotion and joy.  Do you believe this is enough for God?

            I would like to introduce to you the concept of “time tithing.”  The week has 168 hours including weekends.  If you would “tithe” your time to God, you would be devoting approximately seventeen hours to God’s service.  Would you dare give all this time to the Lord?  Perhaps you want to do it, but don’t know how.  Here are a few suggestions:

            1- Attend all church services

            2- Pray and read the Bible daily

            3- Share the gospel with the lost, and call, E-mail, or text your brethren.

            As you do these things, you will be serving God, and even if you can’t tithe your time, the Lord will be pleased with you and your efforts.

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Deuteronomy 12 (June 14)

                                                                              God Is There

            “And you shall eat...And you shall rejoice before the Lord...”

            A big corporation had a big operational problem:  Its employees were not inclined or motivated to work more than was strictly necessary for their survival.  To avoid suffering “stress” from too much labor, they devised an ingenious and devilish plan which included a watch guard who would scream “There is the man!” every time the owner would come.

            When the workers would hear this voice of alarm, they would all run back in unison to their work stations to give the appearance of being good workers.  As the owner would leave, however, the party would continue, while the watch guard remained vigilant.

            This strategy may work in a human corporation, and deceive or trick their employers, but it will NEVER work with the Lord.  Jesus knows and sees everything; nothing can escape from the eyes of an omnipotent God.

            For this simple reason we must live each day with gladness and sincerity before the Lord.  The God who walked with Adam and Enoch, and talked with Abraham and gave the Law to Moses, is our God.  He lives inside of us and we can walk and talk with Him at all times.

            If we know that God sees us inside and out; and furthermore that he is always present in every moment of our existence, why do we sometimes live as if there is no God? 

            God is always there for us.  Are you there for God?

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Deuteronomy 13 (June 15)

                                                                                    Deaf Ears

            “ must not heed the words of those prophets...”

            In the last times, said Jesus, there would be many so called “Christ’s” and false prophets.  Well, that prediction has come true, for never in the history of humanity has there been as many religions, cults, sects and “Messiahs” as we have today.

            The Word of God admonishes us, not to heed the words of these false teachers.  They have not been sent by God, even though they may look like sheep or “angels of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14), they are in reality ravenous and malicious wolves, whose purpose is to destroy the church.

            Among these “prophets” we find such groups as the Mormons, Rusellists, New Ager’s and many others.  Astrology and Spiritualism also belong to this gang of false teachers, plus the many new cults that spring up everyday across the world.

            The most dangerous individuals are the false brothers and ministers that infiltrate our congregations.  Why are they so dangerous?

            First of all, they are dangerous because of their outward appearance.  They dress, walk, and talk like Christians.  Some of them even “look” more like Christians than the real believers. Secondly, they know the Bible and how to use it for their malefic purposes.  The problem is that many of the true followers of Christ don’t take the time to study the Word; consequently it becomes very difficult to separate the truth from the lies.

            Do not listen to false prophets, and beware of false brethren.  Study God’s Word to be prepared to defend your faith at all times.  In other words; be deaf to the lies and always listen to the truth.

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Deuteronomy 11 (June 13)

                                                                         Power and Love

            “…the earth opened its mouth...he will shut up the heavens,”

            Did you know that our God has absolute power over the so called “mother” nature?

            The stars and the sun; the planets and every other celestial body; bow down and obey every command of the Lord.  Even the rebellious humanity will one day bend their knees and “...confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”  (Philippians 2:10, 11).

            One day God spoke to the ground and commanded it to open up and swallow a group of rebellious Israelites.  They spoke against Moses and God punished them with a one way trip to the center of the earth.

            Another time God shut up the heavens for at least three years during the reign of the wicked king Ahab.  God has that kind of power.  He can flood the earth, or he can stop the rain forever... if he wishes.

            Jesus demonstrated this absolute power on a daily basis.  He calmed storms, walked on the water and brought dead people back to life.  He also displayed his power as he lived without sin, and as he gave his own life and resurrected three days later.

            God’s power, however, is intricately connected with his unending love.  His power can shut up the heavens, but in his love he opens heaven to his children.  The power that opened the earth to punish sinners, will also keep hell and eternal death away from believers.  This power, united with God’s unending love will keep us through this life and lead us into glory.

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