As many of you know, JC Hall is an evangelist and missionary. He works with Islander Evangelistic Ministries preaching the gospel and taking help to Haiti. IEM travels with supplies to Haiti on sailboats each November and remains through April (6months), returning to Florida to earn money and support to fund the mission. IEM always has a presence in Haiti year round supporting pastors and a children's feeding program, so the mission and the need is year-round. IEM also has a summer conference and training in Northern Haiti in the month of July.

While not in Haiti, JC and KrisAnne travel the US teaching the principles of liberty and preaching the gospel. They support themselves through the sale of their books and DVDs and through donations from a few individuals and churches.
In just couple weeks (July 13th) JC and missionary Raymond Bideaux will head to Haiti for annual summer conferences and leadership training for IEM's Haitian churches throughout the country.
After the conferences IEM will begin gathering supplies for the Fall voyage. Some things that are needed:
1. Dress shoes, boys teen and under.
2. Dresses for 12yo and unders
3. Hand tools (trowels, hammers, levels, handsaws, mason's line)
4. Pill bottles, small fish hooks, fishing line, sinkers
We are praying for a second watermaker to assist in water desalination efforts. This will cost the mission around $4,000. Please pray for provision.

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